Personalized Astro Calendar & Muhurtham

Time is one of the main factors which helps us succeed in life. Your birth time can decide your life destiny and prosperity. Like the start time of task & project decides the success of the work & project. The mugurtham (auspicious time) aspect of the astrology helps to understand the impact of the time in your daily life. In the macro level, the personalized astro calendar helps to make your work & travel plans more advance. It gives insight guidance to you to opt decisions on on yourself by using the personalized calendars.


Muhurtham (Auspicious Timings)

The auspicious timing for any important work or life making decisions which as marriage can be very important for an individual in Astrology.  Muhurtham is a powerful tool in astrology which if used can help & guide you to succeed in your life. There are various aspects to check & decide auspicious timings such as:


Aspect 1: Dharapalan ( auspicious compatibility between you birth star and particular day star),

Aspect 2:  Panchagam (Check the Auspicious of the particular time)Through considering the week, tithi, nakshtram, and Ascendent  of the particular time  check the auspiciousness of the time.

Aspect 3: Avoiding inauspicious time like considering ( Emkadam, Rahukalam, Gulika) timing.

Aspect 4: Check the auspiciousness of the particular day star according to the functions characters like marriage, betrothal, etc.

Aspect 5: Check the Horo timings according to the muhurtham & function characters