Psychometric analysis and Learning and Development Strategies

Personality, attitude, & competence assessments help to understand better about our work life & personal life. Psychometric analysis helps to understand your  strengths and makes you aware of your improvement points & blind spots. Accordingly making effective strategies would help people in personal & career life.  We help individuals select right kind personality & various tests including helping with report interpretation and chart learning, plan and strategy development. We provide psychological assistance & resolution services.

Personal Horoscope Analysis

Horoscope Analysis  helps us understand and become more aware about ones personality and behavior . It helps us to understand about our strengths and weaknesses which enable us to make and map our future well.

Through the birth chart horoscope, your past and present situations can be predicted, This prediction shows the accuracy of the horoscope reading. Through the past and present predictions, astrology helps to assess the right strength of the planets in the horoscopes which in turn helps to predict about the future accurately and guide and coach the person for the good future.

Remedies can help in creating thorough awareness about your personality and behavior and enhance your life skills according to the planetary effects. Some of the remedies can be:

  • Alert and bring to notice of some tough planetary periods.
  • Chanting and listening to some specific chanting mantras.
  • Visiting some specific temples and doing specific pooja in the temples.
  • Specific Yoga practices and meditation practices.
  • Recommendations for doing some specific Charity related activities.
  • Recommendations for some specific poojas/homas.
  • Doing things in mugurthams things according to your birth star. (Although the planetary positions are not good, doing some simple remedies in auspicious timings can help in making the work successful.)