Dr. Damodaran
M.Sc. M.Phil, PGDHRM Ph.D

Psychologist and Astrologer

Psychologist- (Organization Psychology & Counseling)
Astrologer (Horoscope analyst/ Marriage Astrology/ Medical Astrology/Corporate Astrology)

  • Over 22+ years of experience in Astrology & Horoscope Analyst.
  • 14+ years of experience in Psychometric tests, Psychological research Trauma counseling, Organizational Development Initiatives, Leadership Development, and Employee coaching and counseling both in a corporate environment and private practice.
  • He is a faculty of the Art of Living Foundation (Happiness Program) and Trauma Resolution Expert and has helped victims in mass disaster situations like Southeast Tsunami (2005), Kashmir Earthquake (2006), Mumbai terrorist attack, ladak ( Cloud Burst) Relief ,etc.
  • By blessing of beloved Guruji Parama Pujaya Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Also he suggest and guide people to practice art of living yogic techniques and practices to the clients to overcome their problems and live more happiest life .
  • He is a disciple of Jyoti Chandramani in astrology and started his training in astrology during his Childhood including predicting horoscopes from the young age.Recent years he got trained and fine tuned his prediction methodology by Tirupur S.Gopalakrishnan a legend in prasanam astrological methods and medical astrology.
  • He provides personalized horoscope analysis and prediction on health, wealth, work, business, marriage compatibility, marriage, relationship problems etc. This includes providing guidance and coaching to help identify and motive people to achieve their goals through horoscope analysis (Vedic Astrological Knowledge) & Psychometric tests.
  • He has the ability to quickly and accurately assess situations, build consensus, identify common goals, motivate people to change behavioral patterns and think creatively. He also uses psychological approaches like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Supportive psycho therapy, Trauma Therapy, Behavior Therapy to transform and handle the issues.
  • He has led many corporate, educational institutions and public sector in employee coaching and counseling including assessment, personality & attitude tests, career mapping, competency mapping and organizational development initiatives.
  • Currently he is also working as a teaching faculty, psychologist and student counsellor in department of psychiatry at reputed medical college and hospital.