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I’m a Psychologist based on Vellore and Chennai, who loves clean, simple & unique caring techniques. I also enjoy counseling & coaching people.

Over 22+ years of experience in Astrology, Horoscope Analyst

I am a disciple of Jyoti Chandramani in astrology and started his training in astrology during his Childhood including predicting horoscopes from the young age.

I provide personalized horoscope analysis and prediction on health, wealth, work, business, marriage compatibility, marriage, relationship problems etc. This includes providing guidance and coaching to help identify and motive people to achieve their goals through horoscope analysis (Vedic Astrological Knowledge) & Psychometric tests.

I have the ability to quickly and accurately assess situations, build consensus, identify common goals, motivate people to change behavioral patterns and think creatively.

14+ years of experience in Psychometric tests, Psychological research, Trauma counseling, Organizational Development Initiatives, Leadership Development, and Employee Coaching and Counseling, both in a corporate environment and through private practice.

A faculty of The Art of Living Foundation (Happiness Program), I am a Trauma Resolution Expert and has helped survivors of mass disasters such as the Asian Tsunami (2005), Kashmir Earthquake (2006), Mumbai terrorist attack, Ladakh Cloud Burst and so on.

I also use psychological approaches like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Supportive Psychotherapy, Trauma Therapy and Behaviour Therapy so his clients are empowered to handle their problems and lead a fulfilling life.

I have conducted coaching and counselling sessions for employees of many corporate, educational and public sector organizations, leveraging concepts such as personality assessment, personality & attitude tests, career mapping, competency mapping and organizational development initiatives.

I am a teaching faculty, psychologist and student counsellor in the department of psychiatry at a reputed medical college and hospital.

Make life simple from blending method of Science & Traditional Knowledge

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Professional/Marriage/Health Astrology

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Annual & Monthly Transit Predictions

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